A Second Inning – Retirement Plan

You have worked hard through your most productive years with a dream to have a dignified and fruitful retirement. You have created this nest egg, saving and investing penny by penny.
Finally, the day has arrived. You are about to retire.
Feeling excited about it, you have many plans for your life in retirement. You deserve a well earned casual and carefree lifestyle. And there starts the next chapter.

The Question :
How this retirement Corpus should be efficiently utilized to fulfil new way of life?

How we can help?
The money that you have at this point of time is finite and you have to invest it in accordance with fulfilment of your plans, and contingency plans. Above all, you and your spouse would always want to be financially self-reliant till the last breath.

The pension you receive and those whole life policies alone may not help. You cannot overlook the monstrous effect of INFLATION.

You need an investment plan which is tailor made to suit your requirements. We as financial advisors can offer to help prepare a unique investment strategy as per the suitability of your risk appetite.

How do we go about?

  • We discuss with you
    • Your plans to spend your time in retirement and financials required
    • Your current financial dependents/obligations/liabilities if any
    • Your current financial assets
    • Your insurances
  • We get your risk profiling done.
  • We present you with a draft plan.
  • After accommodating accepted changes, we deliver you the final financial plan towards retirement corpus utilization.
  • We include a strategic investment plan as a part of final plan.

Fees :

We charge flat fees irrespective of your net worth.

  • First year Fees :
    At present, our fees are Rs 20000 for the first year of engagement. This includes preparation of Retirement Plan and two half yearly reviews of investments and progress towards goals.
  • Retainer Fees :
    We charge Rs 15000 which includes any updates to existing plan (The final plan submitted by us is the benchmark) and two half yearly reviews of investments and progress towards goals.

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