My Life My Money My Plan - Do IT Yourself

You are a learner and are interested in learning the nitty gritty of preparing your own financial plan. This service is for you.
You need to spend around 10-15 hours of one to one learning sessions with our Financial Coach, Mrs. Shilpa Wagh. These session will be face to face if you are in Mumbai OR on skype if you are away from Mumbai.

Here is what you will get to learn :

We hand hold you to develop a comprehensive financial life plan. This plan presents you with

  • Fundamentals of Financial Planning
  • Four Pillars of sound financial foundation
  • Concept of Time value of Money
  • Importance of Expense Budgeting and its relation to Financial Goals
  • Emergency Fund Creation
  • Life insurance adequacy analysis
  • Retirement planning
  • Goal base planning
  • Mutual Fund Analysis and monitoring

Excel based Financial Plan Template

What we don't offer:

  • We are making you equipped with necessary knowledge to create and monitor your OWN financial Plan.
  • This is a one time engagement and So no REVIEWS or Yearly retainership is offered as part of package.

Fees :

  • We charge Rs. 30000 for first 15 hours. This is an expected duration for the engagement.
  • In case, we exceed 15 hours of sessions, Rs 2000 will be charged per additional hour.
  • Retainer Fees :
    We charge Rs 15000 which includes any updates to existing plan (The final plan submitted by us is the benchmark) and two half yearly reviews of investments and progress towards goals.

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