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Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis

A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase different assets. These assets can be shares, fixed income investments , gold etc.
Investors normally invest in MFs based on distributor’s advice as and when they have surplus money to invest. As a result they end up with plethora of schemes. Over the time, it leads to having more than 20 schemes in the portfolio making it difficult to monitor. This brings down the overall returns of your portfolio due to non performers schemes.
Investments in MFs are like planting trees. It’s not enough to plant them but also to nurture them !!
We study your portfolio to analyse its fit to your financial circumstances and its suitability to your risk profile. We scrutinize the portfolio based on following parameters
1. Stability of fund house
2. Fund’s AUM
3. Fund Manager’s experience
4. Adherence to investment Strategy
5. Market performance of the scheme
We recommend the schemes to make your MF portfolio diversified. This includes following types of MFs.
1. Equity MFs
2. Debt MFs
3. International MFs
We focus on long term YOY returns and not on ‘QUICK FIX’ or ‘GET RICH QUICK’ promises. Periodical reviews of portfolio along with the client ensures regular monitoring and necessary actions if any can be taken in time. Key to this service is our unbiased approach towards these investments.
This becomes possible because we are not affiliated to any product sellers and our income comes solely from the fees we charge our clients for services rendered.
To get your MF portfolio reviews, contact us for a free first consultation.
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