Comprehensive Financial Life Plan

Personality Test :
Our approach towards money management is governed by our personality types. We need you to take a test to explore which type you belong to?

Life journey introspection :
When it comes to financial life planning, we invariably talk about routine goals like children education, marriage and retirement along with one or two international vacations. However, there is more to life, isn't it? Have you ever thought about what you want from life to be happy and successful? This workbook may help you in doing this introspection. You may identify more goals than listed above.

Risk Profiling :
This questionnaire will help us understand your risk taking comfort in terms of money investments. This will form the basis for Asset allocation and model portfolio creation.

Financial data gathering :
It is required to do the assessment of your financial data as of today. so we ask information about your income versus expenses, assets vs liabilities and your insurance related details. we also get information from you about your current investment portfolio.

Gap analysis :
Now that we have clear understanding about your financial status and your life goals, we try to assign the existing financial investment to various goals. if there is a shortfall, then we suggest the necessary additional investment so as to fill the gap.

Investment and insurance planning :
Taking into consideration your investment Horizon, you are tax slab and your profile, will come out with appropriate asset allocation. we study your current asset allocations and suggest changes if any. We analyse your insurance need based on your financial liabilities.

This is what we offer :

We develop a comprehensive financial life plan. This plan presents you with

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Networth analysis
  • Financial risk appetite
  • Emergency funding strategy
  • Life and health insurance adequacy analysis
  • Goal based investment planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Actions towards fulfilling goals
  • Detailed analysis of Mutual Fund Portfolio

What we don't offer:

For a fruitful engagement, it is very important to have clarity and transparency regarding services that are not covered. We do not provide following services.

  • Direct equity valuations and tips
  • Real estate valuations
  • Calculating and filing tax returns
  • Active wealth management to time the markets

Fees :

We charge flat fees irrespective of your net worth.

  • First year Fees :
    At present, our fees are Rs 25000 for the first year of engagement. This includes preparation of Comprehensive Financial Life Plan and two half yearly reviews of investments and progress towards goals.
  • Retainer Fees :
    We charge Rs 15000 which includes any updates to existing plan (The final plan submitted by us is the benchmark) and two half yearly reviews of investments and progress towards goals.

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