What is the use of money if it is not fulfilling those important dreams of your near and dear ones?

Financial LIFE planning is a journey towards achieving financial bliss. It is beyond numbers and Excel sheets. It is about your life , and its fulfillment by making goals achievable for your family and yourself. An experienced Financial Coach with a strong sense of empathy and analytical skills works like a navigator to sail you through this journey.

Our Philosophy

We are Fee only Planners

  • We are governed under SEBI Registered Investment Advisor Regulation, 2013.
  • We are not product sellers as a result we do not earn any commissions.
  • We are committed to provide you an unbiased financial advice.

Navigator and lighthouse

  • We are a phone call or an email away when you need us validate your financial actions
  • When you face any transition in your life affecting your financial decisions we are there to relook and update your financial plan to get you back on track on the road map towards financial bliss.

Client Centric Approach

  • Every person is different and every life has different demands
  • We understand this very well and hence the financial plan is tailor made to your own requirements
  • You will receive a financial plan completely customised to your life situations and challenges
  • We put you and your life in the centre and work towards providing you with an actionable ROADMAP Which will give you Returns on your life.
  • We treat money i.e. investments as a means or tools to achieve your financial goals.
  • So investment planning though essential is just a part of financial planning exercise

Our Services


Get ready to change your life. You are about to take the Road Map to Financial Freedom.


Comprehensive Financial
Life Plan

Our approach towards money management is governed by our personality types. We need you to take a test to explore which type you belong to


My Life My Money My Plan –
Do It Yourself

You are a learner and are interested in learning the nitty gritty of preparing your own financial plan. This service is for you.


A Second Inning –
Retirement Plan

You have worked hard through your most productive years with a dream to have a dignified and fruitful retirement.


"We are honoured to be part of our client's Life Journey and still walking together…"

What our clients say about US!

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    Mr. N. Vinayak

    Shilpa has been my financial planner since the last 3 years. She is professional, sincere and helpful and takes out time to explain every minute aspect of the plan. With her advice I have been able to plan my finances with ease and have become confident about meeting my goals.

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    Ms. R. Sujata

    I first met Shilpa Wagh at a networking event in 2013. I was looking for a financial advisor at the time; with her confidence and vast knowledge, I knew she'd fit the role perfectly. I trust her judgments and know that my financial assets are in safe, trusted hands. I admire the fact that she conducts seminars to educate women in financial matters. I think it shows that she genuinely cares about what she does and works in the best interest of her clients.

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    Dr. K. Darshan

    Dear all I am a surgeon practicing in a rural area since 10 years. As a typically busy doctor I had no idea of financial planning and its importance. I had vague ideas of insurance and had a few SIP here and there without any cohesiveness. After demonetization we decided to engage a financial planner and after some research zeroed in on Ms Shilpa Wagh. She did a thorough evaluation of our finances and goals and after taking inflation into account it transpired THAT WE WERE ONLY 9% ON TRACK OF OUR DESIRED GOALS. This really opened my eyes. Now with a solid plan in place I feel much more confident about reaching my goals. I think all busy professionals with little time/inclination should definitely consider Wagh Financials for expert advice. BEST OF LUCK

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    Mr. A. Suneel

    We professionals are very busy planning our future, struggling to manage work-life balance. We hardly get any time to devote as much time to any single activity and hope to be able to do many things ---- only after retirement. Exactly same thing happened with me and suddenly found blank as to how do I plan my finances but luckily 6 months before retirement. My friend then happened to talk about Financial Advisers and mentioned about one lady by name Shilpa Wagh. Still I did not realise the importance of these services until I met her. I wish I had met her at least 10 years earlier. She is very professional, transparent and has well thought out program to plan for every individual, no matter what is his age and as long as he is earning. I am happy with the support she has rendered and wish people realise the need for and importance of this. I would not hesitate to recommend her name to my friends whenever opportunity arises.

Other Initiatives

'CapellaZen' a 'by women for women' initiative to create a community of knowledgeable women on four areas.
  • Personal Finance
  • Career Management
  • Legal Rights
  • Well Being


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